Broken Bones Shattered Dreams

by Fortunato

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An album about living with lost potential


released November 10, 2009

2oolman, 9th Uno, Gamshooter, Deezus, CityParks, J True and Makemdef, Fuse, Conscious Thought



all rights reserved


Angerville Toronto, Ontario

Angerville isn't just a Rap group, it's a state of mind. Since 2008 Fortunato and Conscious Thought have made their presence felt in the world of Hip Hop. The name now rings bells thanks to the quailty of their music and work ethic. Together the two MC's have built a reputation that garners respect and admiration from fans and peers alike. ... more

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Track Name: Back In The Day ft DJ Law
It all started off with two sheets of cardboard in my laneway
8 year old white boy poppin in my kways
watchin breakin' on Beta
jammin' to Atomic Dog
Slick singing Laddi Da
before I ever consumed a single drop of alchol
no cellphones or ringtones
we had it all
vinyl still ruled the day
beat street was getting play
boombox on blast or beatbox in alleyways
Fat Albert cartoons every morning on Saturdays
First Choice, Superchannel, Firefox Matinees
Sunshine sound crew, Rocksteady hey you
Crazy Legs on Letterman, Doug E Fresh made the news
Mickey D styrofoam, Simpsons department store
yeah I might be pretty old but I still remember more
Sugar Hill Crash Crew playing on the radio
eighty eight point one that was back in eighty four

2 years later it was 86
I was just turning 10
never burned my seat
the music was my closest friend
Blastmaster KRS was cold on the South Bronx
Jam master james chopped up Bob James and changed it all
Cheese won the DMC's, Philly came with Schooly D
Ice T six in the morning for all the OG's
Gangster Rap came quick, Eric B was president
UMC's were Ego Trippin, Ollie went to sentencing
I was in the yard hitting dudes with my two fists
Fighting to survive they want to pick on the new kid
bruising up my face but I'm laughing like a lunatic
staying after school till six teachers were so strict
watching TV at home, Fox had the sickest shows
Jenga was the sickest game, everybody wanna play
Challenger disaster, Imagery stuck inside my brain
staring at the screen with no words for what I had to say

Now the date is eighty eight, sitting watching Child's Play
Hyper Colour T Shirts, CD's were replacing tapes
Kid and Play was too hype, Biz Markie was going off
alot of critics say it was the biggest year in Hip Hop
PE, NWA, EPMD, Too Short, Eazy E, UMC's and King T
bombs in planes over Lockerbee, Hockey was a god to me
Toronto till I die seeing games at the MLG
Rap City Thursday's, weekends with Master T
yellow trolley buses, red rocket on the TTC
DJ's still carried crates, Raiders hats and beaded chains
Africa medallions Rasta Bart shirts were all the rage
Pumps were the sickest Kicks, Pizza from Maestro Nicks
NBC live Saturday Night's Main Event
Hogan was the champ saw him live at the ex once
steps from the spot where I smoked my first track up