This HIts For Free

by Angerville

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Our first mixtape featuring 9th Uno, Castor Grozny, MC Biggest, Young U and more


released August 11, 2009

gamshooter, mr. smith, rugged one, young u, 9th uno, castor grozny



all rights reserved


Angerville Toronto, Ontario

Angerville isn't just a Rap group, it's a state of mind. Since 2008 Fortunato and Conscious Thought have made their presence felt in the world of Hip Hop. The name now rings bells thanks to the quailty of their music and work ethic. Together the two MC's have built a reputation that garners respect and admiration from fans and peers alike. ... more

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Track Name: Never Change
t's just like that
it's never gonna change
don't be afraid

ayo, I don't know why this lifes so hard
I don't answer to no man
I only answer to God
well here's the question
why you got me tripping and stumbling man
hustling these drugs always flipping and juggling
everything I get my hands on
it's like a vicous circle
I got dreams of crushing everything I stand on
and I can feel it in my veins
the pain drains my souls energy
but I replenish through the sunrays
there's some days I can't even think of moving
I'm paralized from the thoughts of all the friends I'm loosing
but still I'm choosing to keep pushing on refusing
defusing the situation my minds racing
I keep pacing, over time that I've been wasting in my life
facing cops high speed pursuit chasing
it's madness, this an angerville invasion
it's sadness, and despair is a part of the equation

it's just like that
it's never gonna change
don't be afraid x2

ayo my family is all I care about in this life
I don't care about these rappers with their guns and their ice
I just stick to my own path rhyming this tight
got the sun in our eyes cause we're shining so bright
love is light
but it aint making me blind
people change over time so I take it in stride
aint ashamed of the name cause we rep it with pride
ya'll just sharing the blame getting caught in a lie
this is do or die, proving time
come together unified, utelize your mind
to improve on each others lives
ethos of a warrior, rapping like it's semper fi
fighting in the trenches aint no men getting left behind
etching out my destiny, before it's time to say goodbye
leaving ya'll a legacy of lessons in intensity
hit you up with weaponry that blow up over borderlines
we pro's in the game and these joe's don't the grind

it's just like that
it's never gonna change
don't be afraid x2